Toshiba Launches Gaming Notebook: Qosmio X305


I don’t play PC games, or any games for that matter on my computer – I don’t think my Macbook would get too far.  I know that there are die hard PC gamers out there and that’s why Toshiba is getting in.  The Qosmio X305 sports a 3Ghz dual-core Intel CPU, a 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card and get this, dual 7200RPM 200GB hard drives!  The Qosmio can also pack in up to 4GB of RAM and rocks a 17-inch 1680 x 1050 LCD. Oh ya, if the two 200GB hard drives weren’t enough, this thing will also knock your socks of with its 4 speakers with subwoofer.  WHAT!

The Toshiba Qosmio is set to launch July 14, 2008 with a yet to be released price tag.


Christen Costa

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  1. Having someone who doesn’t play pc games preview a gaming unit is quite frankly ridiculous. There are certain thngs pc gamers look for in a good laptop-good screen, high frame rates, decent cooling, portability, upgradeability-little of which was mentioned here. Next time get a pc gamer to write about laptops specifically designed for gaming.

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