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Tosee Is The Cigarette Holder That Tracks Your Smoking

Smokers are always looking for ways to remove smoke from the air, like the best air purifier for smoke. This cigarette holder works too. Sure, you’re not supposed to smoke. We all know that. Many of us, though, do it anyway, and want to know more about what we’re putting in our bodies beyond, well, burning tar. Or at least how much burning tar we’re putting into our bodies… which is where Tosee comes into the picture.

Smoking Acess

It’s pretty simple, actually, if you’re familiar with the cigarette holder. You put your cigarette into the holder, light up, and smoke. And it will already help you quit because it will both add an extra step and strip away any idea that smoking would be cool.

As you smoke, the Tosee collects data about what goes in your lungs; how many cigarettes you smoke a day, what toxic chemicals you inhale, and how much of them. The idea is that, as you keep smoking you’ll track your usage and begin adapting it to a quitting plan that lets you cut down and, of course, ultimately stop.

Light It Up

tosee 1

Needless to say, this isn’t going to stop everyone from smoking. It probably won’t even stop some smokers. But, as we collect more health data and we’re able to track exactly what we’re putting in our bodies, this will be handy to have. Of course, it would be handier to quit, but hey, one step at a time.

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