Fastest Electric Scooter – It’s Finally Here

Electric scooters come in all shapes and sizes. Some prefer a 50cc scooter. Others something more powerful.

If you think carefully, you’ll probably be able to look back and remember the first time best electric scooters started hitting the markets. Suddenly every kid started having one, and they were all the buzz in town. They looked cool, they helped you move around in a convenient and easy to use machine, and they are just too fun to use. While this was then, now, electric scooters and also gas scooters are becoming one of the top commuting options for many people around the world due to their convenience. For electric scooters, they’re lightweight, foldable in some cases, and time saving. They help people get to where they want without wasting too much time walking or fading away in public transportation. Electric scooters are also environment-friendly, because they don’t burn fuel as a car or any normal vehicle. The question then becomes, how do you choose the best electric scooter for you? Do you choose the fastest one? Or are there other criteria?

Keep in mind that the fastest electric scooter is not always the best e scooter in all categories. But having the fastest scooter around is obviously fun and will impress your friends.

The Design

The structural design is the first thing you should look for when it comes to buying an electric scooter, which brings us to the next question. What do you need it for? If you’re someone who plans on travelling with the thing, then portability and flexibility of the design are a priority. This will become important when you pack it, take it up and down the stairs, put it on trains or planes, and even take it to your house or hotel room if need be. This is where the design comes in, and you want one that is quite light and easy to move around with. If, however, speed is your thing, then the design will definitely vary. In that case, the motor will be bigger, which means it won’t have much portability and will not be easy to move around with or carry.

Front or Rear Wheel drive?

Yes, believe it or not, even scooters have front and rear wheel drive. The former is rather found in the lighter and more economical scooters, while the latter is found in heavier machines with better balance and a more comprehensive riding experience, just like cars for that matter. You can even find a dual wheel drive which will give you more power and control over the scooter for a more interesting and accurate riding experience.

The Batteries

You’ll want to get yourself an electric scooter with a good lithium ion battery life that will last you some time –– some can get you as far as 15 miles on a single charge or last for 70 minutes or so. The charging time is also an important factor; you want yourself a scooter with fast charging time, which might be the best electric scooters for commuting because you can’t afford to waste many hours of your day charging the device. You want something you can charge during class or your workday. Even the placement of the battery counts. Sometimes it’s placed in front of the scooter above the wheel to minimize weight, and at other times it’s placed under the footboard for better stability and safety as it won’t get in your way or be in danger of falling too easily.


While design, batteries, type of wheel drive, and all these options are quite important, it all comes down eventually to the comfort. No matter how impressive the design is or the specs are, if the scooter isn’t comfortable for you, it doesn’t matter. The level of comfort starts with knowing the type of tires and the suspension system of the scooter. Airless tires have been quite the attraction for the past few years, because they have better stability and you don’t really have to worry about flat tires. There are more traditional tire options out there, but the airless ones are probably your best and most comfortable choice. The best way to know how comfortable a scooter is going to be is by giving it a drive.

The Speed

While speed was mentioned earlier in the design, it’s that important that it deserves a point of its own. The speed will be determined by the motor and the power of the electric scooter, but more importantly, it’ll be determined by why you need the scooter. Is it for your daily commute, so speed isn’t really a problem? Or do you require going places fast, so you’d opt for bigger and better motors? Once you determine why you need the scooter, like ones for kids, it’ll be easier to go through different specs till you find the one that matches your needs. There are a few that can go as high as 20 mph and others can break the 25 mph limit. Don’t forget the fact that power is also important in an electric scooter, because you might be going uphill at times or need to climb somewhere.

How heavy is it?

Once you set your mind on a design, and opt for a portable one for your daily commute, you should start comparing between different weights of different models. This is important because you might be going to carry the thing for some distances, so it’s good to know how much it’ll weight so you could choose the lighter ones.

The scooter options

The last thing you need to check out before buying a scooter is the options it comes with. Technology moves at a very fast pace, and you want your device to be equipped with as many options as possible. Look for scooters that come in with system diagnostics, speed settings, and some other cool options you can put your hands on.

Ask around on scooter prices

Like shopping for any product, you need to ask around people who have past experiences with electric scooters before you buy your own. Read online reviews about the thing and do as much research as possible before you invest your money. You’d be surprised how much people’s reviews can be accurate and would save you a lot of time and money by giving you the nitty-gritty on how the device is and how it performs in the long run. If an electric scooter has generally favorable reviews online, then chances are it’s actually a good deal that will fulfil your needs.

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