Top Race Robot Dog Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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89 Expert Rating

The Top Race Robot Dof is an intelligent, friendly, and great robot toy for any child ages three and up. You can stretch this to two years old if you really want to. But be warned, this toy may force your little one to want a real dog in the future. Check out our best robot toys for kids list to learn more! If you want a way to bribe your kids to play outside, take a look at the water hockey rink scores big with us.

Why We Like It – Top Race Robot Dog

The Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog will respond just like a real dog would. If you’re kids are the type, or are looking to start being the type, who will nag you for a real pet dog, then the Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog will set them on the path of dog responsibility. And if you’re a robotics fan, you will love this review of how the Beachbot project makes patterns into enormous beach art.

  • 12 voice directives and 10 animals forms
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Easy to understand manual
  • No volume controls
  • Remote control doesn’t include batteries
  • Shooting disc mechanism may jam at times


The Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog is good for any children ages three and up. The Dog Robot includes 12 voice directives. It also features the ability to imitate up to 10 animal forms with sound and body movements which will help your child get ready for the real dog they will want some day. And they’re kids so, let’s face it, they will want one eventually. However, if you do want to discourage dogs and don’t like the idea of a robotic dog in your home, try the Really RAD Robot Toy for Kids.


The Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog weighs in at a shockingly low 2.85 pounds so you and your child shouldn’t have any trouble picking up the robot dog toy and moving it around. The Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog also comes with a remote control with seven functions. It also houses a USB rechargeable battery of 7.4v 600MaH. Unfortunately, there are no volume controls. If you find it too loud, you’re out of luck. Try the Fisher Price Code ‘n Learn Kinderbot if you want something a bit quieter or have really young kids who still need to learn shapes and colours before dogs. If you want your kid to engage in a community of creators through the use of programmable robot balls, you need to check out our Sphero sprk review.


The Top Race Remote Control Robot Dog is an incredibly smart robot who will respond to your voice directives well. As far as robot toys go, too, the instruction manual is also clear, well-written, and easily understandable. The Top Race Robotic Dog Toy can run you about $100 on Amazon, so consider the Sikaye RC Robot Toy for Kids if you’re on a budget. On a slightly more disappointing note, the remote control that comes with the dog doesn’t include the two AA Batteries you need so you’ll have to purchase them separately. If you are into all the good games with remote-controlled toys like racing other robots or inventing new games, you will love the toy in our Remote control robot toy review.

Top Race Robot Dog Wrap Up

Admittedly, there are some misses when it comes to the Top Race Robot Dog. The lack of batteries and volume controls are the two main ones and are quite baffling. But overall, this dog toy is both a great learning tool for kids as well as a great companion piece during play time.

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