With Comic-Con going down this weekend in San Diego, CA, we thought we’d spice it up a bit and devote a post to some of the sexiest comic chicks around. While we know this is debatable and will vary from person to person who have different opinions about who’s the hottest, who should (or shouldn’t) make the list, etc., but there’s just so many to choose from that pleasing everybody would be impossible.

Some on the list aren’t just based not only on how hot they are on paper, but how some of these femme fatales translated to the big screen (or should), while others are just straight as hot as they come. Again, this list isn’t set in stone or anything, so don’t get your panties in a bunch if you don’t see your favorite comic book hottie! And if you love horror flicks, take a look at 26 of the scariest horror movies streaming on Netflix.

1. Emma Frost: This X-Men character recently showed up on the big screen, with the beautiful January Jones totally giving us a great portrayal of the temptress in X-Men: First Class. The story on this bombshell goes that she first showed up in the X-Men comic world in January 1980 for X-Men #129 (Marvel). She’s also known as The White Queen and becomes one of the X-Men’s deadliest foes, as seen in the movie.

2. Red Sonja: Who doesn’t like a fiery redhead? Red Sonja made her first comic world debut in Conan the Barbarian #23 (Dynamite Entertainment) and is a great sword-master with experience on how to fight the supernatural…as well as a great bod! There’s been a couple of Red Sonjas in film and TV, but rumor has it that a new film is coming out with Rose McGowan playing the sultry Sonja.

3. Trish: First appearing in Devil May Cry #1 (Capcom) this badass chick is a demon and a force to be reckoned with. Many might know her from the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 game. She’s definitely the best chick player in the game, as well as the hottest in our book!

4. Catwoman: A list of hot comic chicks wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have Catwoman in it! With a first appearance in Batman #1 (DC Comics), we’ve seen a lot of Hollywood’s finest play her, such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry. Her body-hugging, black leather suit shows all the right stuff, which is why many can’t wait for Halloween, when lots of beautiful women decide to dress up as this comic book vixen.

5. Black Mamba: As a former call girl, this, the Black Mamba first showed her hotness in Marvel Two-in-One #64 (Marvel). She’s said to have formed the B.A.D. Girls Inc. mercenary group so you know she’s not one to mess with even though her smoking hot character looks like every comic book hero would want to tap!

6. Encantadora: With a name that sizzles off your tongue, this Encantadora first appeared in Action Comic #760 (DC Comics) and is best known as being a very bad girl in the Superman series. This villainess has magic to back her up and is allegedly known around the villain community for selling fake kryptonite to various villains around the world. She appears in 13 different issues and is known to have a very sensual personality, even stealing a few kisses from Superman himself. Selma Hyek would be a great fit if this babe ever made it to the big screen!

7. Mystique: Made quite popular by the various X-Men movies and the fact that Rebecca Romijn played her helped push the character to make the list. Despite her blue appearance, there’s no denying she has an amazing body. This bad girl first showed her stuff in Ms. Marvel #16 (Marvel), and we’re hoping to see more of her in other X-Men movies!

8. Lara Croft: Yup, this daring, adventure-seeking chick first made her appearance as a comic in Witchblade-Tomb Raider #1 (Top Crow) and will probably forever be known for having Angelina Jolie be her in the Tomb Raider films. We like her because not only is she hot, but it looks like she’d be down for just about anything, always providing a bit of adventure to things!

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