Top 8 Geekiest But Coolest Halloween Costumes

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Updated June 27, 2022

So Halloween has come and gone. I thought it would be fun to look back at some of this year’s, and the previous year’s top 8 geekiest but coolest Halloween Costumes. In our list, you will also find some of the best gifts for geeks.

8. Darth Vader Supreme Edition Costume

This is an oldie I know, but always a goodie. Besides, this is the supreme edition! And apart from the costumes, you may also check our comprehensive list of gifts for gamers.

darth vader costume

7. Facebook Costume

Ok, it’s really simple, but I think they nailed it and who doesn’t love Facebook

facebook costume

6. Metroid Costume

This one’s a bit old, but if you’re like me there’s a ton of nostalgia in this character and the chick wearing it ain’t half bad.

metroid costume 520x780 1

5. Kid Megaman Costume (DIY)

This one floated around on the Net this past October.  It’s pretty badass, although I’m sure the kid has no clue who Megaman is. So, if you have a kid, a more colorful costume and a great treat such as the best peanut brittle would make a great option.

megaman costume 520x304 1

4. Optimus Prime Transformer Costume

The movie came out last year and it was a bit disappointing.  This costume, on the other hand, was not.  The thing actually transforms with a guy inside.

transformer costume optimus prime

3. IronMan Costume

This thing is pretty dead on with the exception that it’s plastic and not metal sheeting.  Tony Stark would be proud.

ironman costume

2. Tron Costume (DIY)

The guy who made this isn’t exactly the pinnacle of fitness, but the costume is sick and even features glowing tubes for that complete Tron effect.

tron costume

1. Master Chief Halo Costume

Looks real and rugged and that’s what counts.  Sure it’s $600, but what’s money when you have authenticity.

master chief halo 3 costume

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