Given all the BS that’s happening in Washington over the country’s budget and the up and down craziness of the stock market, your money or most precious valuables might not always be safe in the bank or investments. For those looking to have their stash at home, in case anything ever went down in our nation’s finances (literally), here are 7 of the coolest and most unique home safes around!

wall socket outlet safe

Wall Socket Safe

It looks like any other traditional socket outlet, but this particular one becomes a safe, holding all our valuables. Looking like the real thing, the safe can be placed anywhere and is easy to install. Just use a saw to cut through the wall’s drywall and make the opening. After, slide the socket safe in the opening you just made and use the key to lock it.


Surge Protector Safe

No one would suspect that you’d hide stuff in a surge protector. While it doesn’t work, it looks exactly like any working one would that you plug into a wall outle. The safe compartment measures 6 inches x 2 inches by three-quarter inches. The on/ off switch requires two AA batteries that are included.

dormvault laptop safe

DormValut Laptop Safe

For those who don’t live at home and want the same protection as a home safe, is this cool DormVault, which keeps your laptop, electronics and other valuables safe and locked up in your room, hotel and more. It holds up to 17-inch laptops and harmlessly attaches to loft beds and other furniture. For the ultimate in safety, check out the best secret back door too.


Book Safe

Safes in the form of books have been around for some time, mainly, because it’s a great hiding spot, especially if you have a large library collection. It features a center hollowed out so you can hide anything you need in the interior of the velvety soft spot. You won’t be able to tell it’s not an actual book because it’s made out of a real book!

finger print wall safe

SL-20700 Fingerprint Wall Safe

This Fingerprint Wall Safe is a bit more high-tech than the other safes and is meant to hold your precious goods as well as safely store any guns you have in the house. You need your fingerprints or a code to open the door and isn’t as inconspicuous as the others, but will do the job well.

safemark heavy duty drawer safe xl 1

Safemark Heavy-Duty Drawer Safe

The Drawer Safe is meant to be placed inside a drawer or a bolted down shelf so that it’s not an obvious hiding place, but well hidden in a desk or bedroom. It features a recessed door with a hydraulic lift, heavy-gauge steel construction, pry-proof locking bolts, and a personalized 4-digit PIN code.

Can Safe

Can Safes

With these Can Safes, you can hide a bunch of things in various soda cans in your room, home, office or practically anywhere! These safes look like the real cans but have hiding places that you access at the bottom of the cans. Just make sure not to serve these cans at a party or give them away to guests because you’ll be sh*t out of luck! Not even the Hay fever hat – another bizarre Japanese gadget can help you there!