Top 20 Tech/Sci Movies Streaming on Netflix for October (list)

For all those Netflix users out there, we’ve compiled the 20 Top Sci-Fi/Tech movies that are now streaming for the month of October. Some might be old favorite, while others totally new to your movie knowledge. Take a night off and chill with some our awesome picks!

20. G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra

Your favorite toys went to the big screen in this action-packed adventure that follows characters Hawk, Ripcord, Heavy Duty and the rest of the elite special mission force to stop evil arms dealer Destro.

19. The Fly

As sci-fi/horror classic, The Fly is an intense film that showcases a very eccentric scientist after one of his experiments goes horribly wrong. A great flick to get you in the Halloween mood, too!

18. Hellboy

The comic book hero about a demon offspring raised by humans to be a defender against the forces of darkness is an entertaining flick filled with mythical beings, action and more! While not a horror flick, some of the creatures are seriously horrifying.

17. Skyline

Aliens are attacking L.A. and it’s a battle to survive!

16. Howard the Duck

What happens when a duck from an alternate planet ends up on Earth…? Pure laughs and mayhem in this iconic ’80s flick!

15. Titan A.E.

Don’t let this animated film fool you! It’s a great film for both children and adults that tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world set in the year 3028, after the Earth is destroyed by aliens. Sci-Fi animation at its best!

14. Godzilla vs The Thing

Your favorite terrorizing monster is back as it goes face-to-face with The Thing (really a giant Moth). Watch to find out which monster will reign victorious!

13. The Iron Giant

The animated movie is great for the whole family and tells the story of a boy who befriends an alien robot who is as friendly as they come. But the government wants to destroy him.

12. Cool World

It’s a naughtier recreation of Disney’s Rodger Rabbit with Brad Pitt and one sexy ass animated vixen, played the beautiful and babe-a-licious Kim Basinger.

11. The Crow

Based on a comic book, The Crow is about a man who is brutally murdered and then comes back to live to avenge his and his fiancée’s murder. A great thriller packed with loads of action!

10. Demolition Man

Sylvester Stallone plays a copy from the past who is brought back to life after being frozen for a while to stop a past foe played by Wesley Snipes. One of Sandra Bullock’s early movies, actually!

9. Deep Blue Sea

What happens when you make sharks smarter in an attempt to cure Alzheimer’s? Terror, that’s what. A very chilling thriller that makes you think about the limits to animal testing.

8. Strange Days

The cyberpunk sci-fi film tells the story of an ex-cop who uncovers a police conspiracy involving murder and rape. A thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat!

7. Contact

After years of research and searching for intelligent life outside of Earth, Dr. Ellie Arroway (played by Jodie Foster) finds evidence that they exist and they send plans for a mysterious machine to be built. An eerie and emotional sci-fi flick!

6. Hackers

A young and hot Angelina Jolie stars in a film about a bunch of teens with a hacking hobby, but accidently get caught up in a corporate conspiracy that was built by a veteran top-dog hacker.

5. RoboCop

A cyborg cop fights crime and his submerged memories from when he was human haunting him. A kickass action flick!

4. Blade Runner

Harrison Ford stars as Deckard, a blade runner, whose mission is to track down and kill four replicants who hijacked a space ship. Definitely an oldie but goodie!

3. The Terminator

Seriously…you need an explanation for this one? All we have to say is, “I’ll be back!”

2. Star Trek

The prequel to the OG Star Trek flicks is an amazing addition to an iconic film series

1. Tron Legacy

The adventure continues in Disney’s sequal of it’s ’80s film as the son of a virtual world designer hunts his long lost father down and ends up inside the digital world the his dad created.

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  1. Did you actually just name Tron Legacy as the number one sci-fi movie on netflix? Thank you for saving me the effort of reading anything else on this site.

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