E3 is well and over.  But that doesn’t mean we still don’t have some goodies to offer you.  Yes, this is the exquisitely cliche booth babes post.  But odds you aren’t even reading this.  In fact, you’re probably quickly scanning through the photos to see if you agree with our sequential order. Also, if you love gaming, take a look at our review of 20 of the most popular video game consoles. That said, it was tough to determine the top spots.  Conversely, it was easy to determine the bottom spot.  We’re not saying those that ranked low are unattractive or not good looking.  No, we’re not saying that at all.  We’re just implying, and perhaps you should be inferring, that relatively speaking they’re more attractive than their counterparts.  Not everyone is made equally and with that not everyone’s taste is the same. If you also like to gamble, you might also want to read our review of coingaming. Nonetheless, we’ve got more E3 stuff coming your way shortly, but something tells us this will hold you over. If it doesn’t, check out these female gamers that pose nude.

20.  Weird ears aside

19. That’s a mighty big gun

18. Not your real hair

17. S&M princess

16. Beam me up

15. Yoga nerd

14. Six pack chainsaw

13. Up yours

12. To the beat

11. Yeehaw

10. Wu who?

9. Just happy to be there

8. Fueling victories and more

7. Beyond adorable

6. Trio of worlds

5. Nice ears

4. Not her natural color, do we care?

3. Tank who, tank what?

2. Dimples for days

1. Tekken knows how to pack a punch
























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