Top 17 HDTV Deals Labor Day 2017 from $200 to $2000

It’s Labor Day weekend, and for 2017, we’re being inundated with a flurry of 4K UHDTVs from Samsung, LG, and even Sony. You’ll find everything from dirt cheap $200 sets to $2,000 high-ticket models. Below we’ve sorted out the deals by brand and even picked out TWO under $500 4K Ultra HDTV if you’re simply looking for a good balance of price and performance. But look here if you want the best 65 inch TV for the money.

To not titillate too much, we’ll start with the sub-$500 4K sets. Both are solid discounts, but which one you pick partly depends on whether you see yourself spending $150 on an item sold by Dell Home in the near-immediate future. While the 49″ LG 49UJ6300 4K Smart model is just shy of the $500 mark, you get a $150 Dell eGift card for your trouble, making it effectively a $347 purchase once the overall value’s computed. That’s pretty righteous for a discount, but if you prefer to save up front, go for the 49″ TCL 4K set we found for $380 flat – no need to buy anything else to effectively achieve the savings.

Not to be outdone, Sony’s got two worthy sets on the discount chopping block already. If you’ve got a “go hard or go home” philosophy, check out the 75-inch 4K Sony XBR75X850D Smart TV. At just over $2,000, it’s not cheap, but you’re getting a huge set with more features than you can shake a…remote at? If that model’s a little too rich for your blood, there’s also an effectively $800 sleek and feature-packed 49″ Sony 4K Smart model sold by the same reputable eBay storefront.

Samsung’s a standard in the 4K UHDTV space, and unsurprisingly we’ve spotted plenty of good discounts on sets for the weekend.
Highlights include a 50-inch 4K UN50MU6300 Smart TV for just over half a grand and a 43-inch Curved 4K Smart set for under $800.

This Labor Day weekend, we see a decent variety of compelling deals on LG sets – not just 4K resolutions models, either. If you don’t need the full 4K resolution, you can save hundreds on commensurately sized 1080p sets, including a 43″ LG 43LJ500M 1080p LED HDTV down to $230.

Finally, outside of the better-known manufacturers, there are further discounts worth seeing. We’ve covered the best ones in our last section, and all options are under $500 as well.

Best HDTV Deals for Labor Day

Under $500 4K HDTV Top Picks

Sony 4K HDTVs

Samsung 4K HDTVs


Other Brands HDTV Labor Day Deals

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