Top 10 Badass LEGO Guns (video)

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Updated June 27, 2022

Who would have thought a child’s toy like LEGOs can become a deadly weapon? Well not deadly, but they can sure cause some serious bruising and can definitely take out an eye if not careful.  For master builders, a pack of LEGOS can become virtually anything and some have even created working guns from the plastic building toys that shoot small lego blocks, rubber bands and more! One such builder is Jack Streat, who has documented quite a few LEGO gun builds on YouTube. They all are quite life like and built to mimic the actual gun. Check out some of his coolest LEGO guns that are anything but  simple play toys!

10. Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

The popular civilian, police and military rifle that was introduced in the 1980s haw been replicated in plastic cubes.

9. Barrett M82A1 .50 Cal

As a powerhouse rifle, this one is has a long history of offering rapid, accurate firepower and is now become a dominant LEGO gun.

8. FNH M249 PARA

Quite a big gun in real life, its LEGO replica took quite a lot of blocks and pieces to finish, but the final product is a lifelike twin.

7. Franchi SPAS-12

The working SPAS 12 pump action shotgun loads from an 8-brick under-barrel magazine and has a folding stock…all made of LEGOS! Just load pump and shoot!

6. Glock 17

This LEGO Glock holds up to 5 small rubberbands and about 8 regular sized ones, making it one mean machine despite being made from plastic blocks.

5. HK416

A bolt action HK 416 that fires from 10-brick magazines and is said to be a “versatile and reliable” machine, says the creator.

4. HK L85A2

As a British Infantry Rifle, it’s  the most used variant in the SA80 family, with Streat adding a few unique features to his LEGO creation that packs some serious firepower (if it were real, of course)!

3. Auto-Ordnance Thompson M1921 (Tommy Gun)

Invented by Richard Jordan Gatling in 1862, the “Tommy Gun” was the first widely used machine gun that became highly popular in the 1920s by gangsters like Al Capone.

2. AK-47

The most popular assault rifle now in LEGO block form will make you crave the real thing!

1. Lee Enfield Sniper Rifle

Streat considers this baby the “best rifle [he has] ever made.” It’s a working magazine-fed rifle in bolt-action configuration, with detachable magazines, sniper scope and bi-pod.