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Top 10 Coolest Cases For The iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 isn’t just a gold mine for Apple, but all the hucksters that sell the accessories.  Case in point (pun intended) are the cases for the iPhone.  There are so many to choose from and so much crap to wade through, that we thought we’d do you a favor and show you what we think are the 10 best iPhone 4 cases on the market today.  Feel free to weigh in and let us know if you think we missed one.

10) Bubble Slider Case

Bubble Slider Case

The Bubble Slider case comes in red, pink, blue, black and a pearl white finish.  It’s made of a polycarbonate so it’s lightweight and the rear has a golf ball like finish that most certainly will have folks doing a double take and at the very least will get guys and gals wanting to feel  your phone.  It may not provide the best in terms of protection, but what you lose in that department you gain in style.  You can grab it for $35.

9) Elite Series Metallic Case

Elite Series Case

The Elite Series Metallic case is made of Anodized plastic with a metallic finish.  It’s light weight and brings your iPhone to that next level of opulence – plus it won’t add a ton of bulk to its slender body. $25.

8) Speck Geometric Case

Speck Geometric Case

This case is all about the look.  Sure, it will provide some added protection to the rear and sides of the device, but the funky geometric shape on the back is the conversation piece and that’s really the only reason you’d adhere this thing to your iPhone.  They’ve got it for $30.

7)  Case-Mate ID Credit Card Case

Case-mate iPHone4 ID Case

The ID Credit Card case was available for the 3G and 3Gs iPhone owners, but there is no disputing its utilitarian factor.  The back of the case has a small slot that can fit up to 2 credit cards or IDs.  The package includes a screen protector and costs just $35.

6) DryCase


It’s not exactly iPhone specific, but it’s a must have if you’re planning trips to the beach or on a boat this summer.  Heck, you can even use it by or in the pool.  All you need to do is stuff the iPhone in the pouch, lock it and using the included hand pump suck the remaining air out.  The touch screen is still usable, there is a headphone jack pass through and there is even a built-in floatable arm band for working out.  $40.

5) Otterbox iPhone 4 Defender Case

Otterbox Defender iPhone Case

The deets are a little scares on Otterboxes website, but from what we can tell the iPhone 4 Defender case isn’t too bulky but provides some serious protection from bumps, scratches, drops and even minor splashes of moisture.   They’ve used some 3 layer protection system and we’re thinking it will be around $40-$50.

4) Reveal Etch from Griffin

Griffin Reveal Etch

Slim and trim.  That’s this cases main tenant. It’s a one-piece polycarbonate shell with full coverage for the back and adds only 1.6mm of thickness to your svelte iPhone. A set of rubber sides add some protection and the case doesn’t interfere with any ports or controls. Yours for $30.

3) Illuzion Legend Leather Case

Illuzion Leather Case

We like this one because it’s so far removed from any other case. Yup, it adds significant bulk to your iPhone and probably isn’t all that practical, but if you’re looking for a touch of the old look no further. The case, which features a flip up front, is crafted from premium full grain leather. You can grab it for $38.

2) Vapor4 Bumber

Vapor4 iPhone Bumper

So you got us; it’s not a case but a bumper. But these bumpers aren’t to be messed with. They may cost $80 a pop, but they’re crafted from aluminum, should protect your phone from a ding or two and hopefully help with those reception woes. We’re digging it.

1) Grove Bamboo iPhone Case

Grove Bamboo Case

This bad boy almost needs no introduction. It’s .07-inches thin, can be laser engraved to your liking and has a suede liner to protect your iPhone 4’s back. They’re available in amber or natural bamboo with a black or stainless steal bezel. Price? $49 plus $10 for $S&H.

5 Comments to Top 10 Coolest Cases For The iPhone 4

  1. gorgeous_babe

    I guess if you live in Oregon….

  2. gorgeous_babe

    grove case costs $89 + $10 S&H so total is $99. $49+10 is the intro price.

  3. gorgeous_babe

    grove case costs $89 + $10 S&H so total is $99. $49+10 is the intro price.

  4. Mark

    Do you know where we can try out the grove bamboo case so that I can feel it out before investing $70 on it?

    • gorgeous_babe

      I guess if you live in Oregon….

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