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Soon after they got announced at CES Las Vegas in 2015, hoverboards took over the world as the newest, coolest way of moving around. It didn’t really take long for celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Justin Beiber or even Martha Stewart to start riding them. Five years later, the hype definitely died down, but it’s still not too late to figure out what the fuss was all about. The Tomoloo hoverboard is a good example of one that you can go for, though they offer a wide list of models that you can choose from. The differences lie in distinct features like a bluetooth speaker, maximum weight capacity and the hoverboard’s weight as well. We’re going to be focusing on the Fire Kylin model so that after you’re done with this Tomoloo hoverboard review, you’ll have a good idea about the best hoverboard for you, & have an easy hard time picking it out on Amazon com.

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Why We Like It – Tomoloo Hoverboard

The Tomoloo Fire Kylin hoverboard brings fun times inside your house with its flashy LED lights and on-board bluetooth speakers, and if you want to have your fun outside, you can choose the Q2-X model that comes with all terrain 6.5-inch wheels.

  • Relatively fast charging time
  • Quiet single motor
  • RBB lights
  • Outer shell is easily scratched/damaged


Also known as self balancing scooters, most hoverboards don’t really pack that much power under the hood. The Fire Kylin however does try to push things to the max with a charging time that varies between 1- 1.5 hours, to yield about 4 hours of ride time – better than the XPRIT Hoverboard’s 1.25 hours. The maximum speed you’ll hit on this hoverboard is about 7.5 miles per hour, and this would be from a decent 300 Watt motor. Riders that want to have more control can download the Tomoloo app on their smartphone so that they’d be able to control things like ride sensitivity, or even change the speed of the hoverboard.


There’s really not that much difference between Tomoloo hoverboards in regards to design – you’d actually have a hard time distinguishing between this one and the Tomoloo Self Balancing Hoverboard. The differences are minute because most people focus more on the quality of the ride. Compared to other makes though, they do stand out. To make the ride fun, the Fire Kylin model comes with LED lights that flash with the music that is playing on the on-board bluetooth speakers. This is sure to add on the fun especially if you have your kid riding it.


When the first batch of hoverboards were being produced, a good number of them had defective batteries that caused them to explode after a while of use. To try and curb this, all hoverboards now have to abide by a safety precaution to ensure that they are of high quality. Tomoloo hoverboards are all UL2272 certified (just like the Gyroor Hoverboard) meaning they’ve been tested to ensure that they operate within safe temperatures of 0 to 40 degrees. In addition, the maximum weight load on this model is 220 pounds, and it comes with a 1 year warranty so that you can get it checked in case your purchase is defective.

Tomoloo Hoverboard Wrap Up

The Tomoloo Hoverboard is a decent selection to start out with even when you’ve never rode on a hoverboard before. If you opt for the Q2-X wheels, you’ll be able to ride on a lot of different outdoor terrains, and with the Tomoloo app, you’ll get to adjust the colors of the LED lights to fit your preference. These simple addons are more than enough to help you get the most pleasure out of riding.

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