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The Tommy Hilfiger Wallet shares a select few qualities the Best Cool Wallets have, thanks to its genuine leather-made exterior that comes in over two dozen colors. But it’s also protective of your cards, making use of RFID protection that the Best RFID Wallet utilizes. Let’s see how it stacks up with the greats!

Why We Like It – Tommy Hilfiger Wallet

The Tommy Hilfiger Wallet is an inoffensive, simple yet effective genuine leather wallet. It isn’t flashy or gimmicky, but it is functional, seen by its RFID protection and ease of use.

  • 100% genuine leather-made
  • Over two dozen colors & designs
  • Hand washable
  • Stitching around the edge could be better
  • Four card slots is too few


To call the Tommy Hilfiger Wallet “high quality” isn’t the word I’d use. More like “good enough.” Its genuine leather is appealing to the eyes, though it has a somewhat distracting sheen that gives it a cheaper look. Thankfully, this can largely be ignored by picking one of the over two dozen color options.


The Tommy Hilfiger Wallet offers a fair amount of durability due to its leather exterior. However, the subpar stitching has mixed results. Over time these may fray or break entirely. The Flipside Wallet has a polycarbonate shell reinforced by aircraft-grade aluminum interiors if you want natural durability.


As a functional wallet, the Tommy Hilfiger Wallet is slightly below average. It can carry four credit cards at any given time, with a larger coin pocket to the left for storing change or additional cards at the expense of no change. More importantly, the cards you do ferry with you are protected by RFID blocking properties, preventing nearby thieves from swiping data.

Size & Versatility

Despite not holding a whole lot, to begin with, the Tommy Hilfiger Wallet might feel too large for some. It measures 4.25″L x 3.5″H in size, which isn’t large, but it has space for change. Over time it’ll bulk up and become a nuisance in your pocket. Want to avoid that? Trim down your choice to the YOMFUN Leather Front Pocket Wallet.


Who exactly would want the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Billfold Wallet? Well, someone who doesn’t carry around a boatload of cards wants a nice but not-so-distracting wallet and provides a small amount of protection. However, you can accomplish the same goal with the Serman Brands Wallet.

Tommy Hilfiger Wallet Wrap Up

The Tommy Hilfiger Wallet is, for better or for worse, the average man’s wallet. While a regular person probably has at least four cards on them, it’s still too few to only provide four slots. The big pocket helps but ultimately takes away space for other essential items. Still, it looks good for a cheaper wallet; its genuine leather looks good, has a nice texture, and it’s hand washable.

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