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Tomasar Power Electric Mountain Bike Review

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If your interest is climbing mountains, rain, or snow, then the best electric mountain bike can be the Tomasar Power Electric Mountain Bike on a budget. With a pair of thick, anti-slip wear resistant tires and a 21-speed transmission system, this is one of the best electric bikes that come with the essential parts for tackling inclines and then some.

Why We Like It – Tomasar Power Electric Mountain Bike

The Tomasar Power Electric Mountain Bike sits comfortably as a budget-friendly electric mountain bike with an emphasis on climbing hills and tackling sketchy weather, like snow and rain.

  • Great 21-speed transmission system; ideal for climbing
  • Tires perform well in sketchy weather
  • Foldable design; easy to store & transport
  • Max speed of 15mph
  • Gets 15-30 miles on a single charge

Durability & Build Quality

Just like the W Wallke X3, the Tomasar Folding Electric Mountain Bike foregoes carbon steel for a high-quality aluminum alloy frame. It’s lightweight, flexible, relatively strong, and keeps costs down. While the seat is comfortable and the seat tube has some decent flex, the pedals offer mediocre grip. Replace ASAP. A foldable Tomasar e bike is in the Tomasar power electric bike review.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Unlike the Specialized mountain bike, which can do 28mph, the Tomasar Power Electric Bike is below average. A 15mph isn’t what we’d call “high speed.” That’s five miles below the NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike. However, it makes up with a great 21-speed Shimano shifter, which is perfect on inclines. But for adults who prefer going shopping with trikes, click the Toxozers electric trike review.

Range & Battery

The lithium-ion battery isn’t the greatest. It constantly fluctuates based on two working modes (e-bike mode/pedal assist). If you use electric mode, you’re lucky if you get 15 miles. In pedal-assisted mode, you’re looking at about 30 miles. It does have smart charging, shaving recharging time down to 4 hours. For a bike that can do 38 miles, you’ll want to read our QuietKat Ranger electric mountain bike.

Safety Features

Night riding is possible, thanks to the front LED headlamp, unlike the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike. The Tomasar Power Electric Mountain Bike does have a removable lithium battery—ideal for preventing theft. Short fenders are fitted to each wheel to prevent debris from smacking you in the face while riding. And the front mechanical and rear disc brakes are solid, but we prefer hydraulic.


The Tomasar Folding Electric Bicycle doesn’t quite fall within the “best electric bikes.” It makes a few blunders, like so-so battery and below average maximum speed, while doing well in other areas, like a great transmission system and climbing power. If anything, the Tomasar Power Electric Mountain Bike fits perfectly as a budget mountain bike and nothing more. But if you can spare $100, grab an ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike.

Tomasar Power Electric Mountain Bike Wrap Up

The Tomasar Power Electric Mountain Bike does well enough to fit someone’s budget, at least until beginners learn the ropes. In that case, its 15mph and low mile range could be looked past. What matters most is that its 21-speed transmission system and tires are an excellent couple for climbing inclines, rain, or snow.

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