TokyoFlash Kisai Online Watch Uses an Accelerometer to Show the Time (video)

Drawing attention to your wrist may not be such a great idea if you’re laying rubber to sidewalk, as in walking, in a seedy part of town.  In other words, a flashy watch might get you mugged, or perhaps even stabbed, and then mugged.  The order doesn’t really matter, but for the sake of this article the watch does.


So yes, you could go out and buy an expensive watch, but in all likelihood it will just blend in with all the other timepieces on the market, especially the fake ones.  Alternatively, you could pick up one of these Tokyoflash watches.  It’s called the  Kisai Online watch.  Unlike a traditional digital watch, the display of these watches are cryptic to read, at least at first blush.  Once you know what to look for you can decipher the time.  However, the Kisai Online Watch is a bit different from other ones of this ilk.  It uses an accelerometer to determine when the watch is turned and facing towards you.  Once orientated correctly the watch will depict the time, though it will take practice to read it at a glance.  Check out the above video for a walk through.

The TokyoFlash Kisai Online Watch is available for $169, though they’re offering a $20 discount if you purchase it before 10:30pm EST.

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