Tokyoflash Kasai Maru Watch is Very Iron Man (video)

In the market for a new watch?  Trying to avoid the the traditional analog or digital look?  Then look no further than Tokyoflash.  The company is widely know for producing some of the most confusingly hip watches.


Created by a Tokyoflash fan is this Kisai Maru watch, which as Engadget points out is very reminiscent of Tony Stark’s life source.  To read the time you simple need to pay attention to a long and short indicator, which are positioned on the watch face in accordance with the hour (long) and the minute (short).  Included is a date function, as well as an animation that adds another layover of mystique (not to be confused with, well, confusion).

Tokyoflash sells the Kisai Maru in three colors (black, silver, and sienna) and are currently available for $109 until 2am ET saturday, where upon the price will jump $40.  For a closer look checkout the above video.

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