Billed as a specially-crafted cleaning cloth for tablets, monitors, and other devices, the Toddy Smart Cloth by Toddy Gear features two sides – a silk microfiber side for buffing and polishing and a plush microfiber for deeper basic cleaning. With a wide variety of patterns and designs to choose from, you can play fashionista and coordinate your Toddy Smart Cloth with your tablet or phone. It may be the best shop cloth all around.

Because the Toddy Smart Cloth is hydrophilic, it works like an absolute dream when it comes to cleaning fingerprints off of touch screens, phones, or any glossy plastic surface. For example, it took all of the dirt and smudges off of my arcade stick for my PS3 and had it looking brand new in seconds. The entire cloth is machine washable and has an antimicrobial coating to help you protect your own personal health as well as the health of your devices.

The Toddy Smart Cloth makes a lot of claims as to its advanced engineering, and the cloth is definitely designed intelligently. Don’t expect it to perform any miracles however, though it could buff up stylus marks very well, scratched surfaces didn’t come out any better after using the Toddy Smart Cloth. Though the Smart Cloth is advertised as stain and wrinkle resistant, I’ve seen wrinkles develop in mine after just a few short weeks.

Though not an essential must-have accessory, the Toddy Smart Cloth is an easy choice if you’re looking for a cleaning cloth that works well, provides good options, and looks good as well. If nothing else, I will say that the Toddy Smart Cloth is the best cloth I’ve ever used to clean fingerprints off of my devices, and for that alone, it’s worth looking into.

The Toddy Smart Cloth is available from Amazon for $9.99 or at a discount if purchased in sets.


  • Works quite well for touch screen devices like gaming devices and smart phones
  • Buffs up fingerprints and marks left by styluses whether they’re fresh or old
  • Dual-sided cloth allows for two different types of cleaning


  • Unable to handle scratches of any real depth or width
  • Should come paired with some cleaning and polishing fluid to maximize effect
  • The cleaning of the cloth is not excessively noticeable from standard cleaning methods

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  1. This is a cleaning cloth, not some sort of repair kit. Why would you ever expect it to remove scratches? Also, Toddy advertises that their cloths get your screen clean without using any sort of fluid.

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