Read our Why You Should Buy a New Charcoal Grill article and you may be enticed by this one. Grilling season is upon us and you don’t want to be stuck chugging along a huge ass grill to all your picnics in the park, beach BBQs and other places where traditional grills are an inconvenience. Because grilling shouldn’t be complicated, the To Go Grill is the perfect accessory for all your summer outdoor adventures. Whether you’re camping, at the park or just on your balcony, the compact charcoal grill is the perfect size for all your on-the-go journeys. If you prefer a traditional grille, give the Stok Quattro review a read. If you’re using a propane tank in your grille, you should also read our guide to how Truma’s Propane tank LevelCheck will make BBQing easier. If you want a way to take the BBQ indoors, take a look at our review of the Element indoor smokeless BBQ.

It features a practical strap that holds the various parts in place when the grille is being transported, as well as handles that stay cool, even when it’s super hot.It also comes with a lid that doubles as a dome cover when the grill is lit. And cleaning is easy – just empty the ashes and wipe of the inside. It’s made of enameled steel with silicone handles, while the grid is made of chromium-plated iron. The coal bucket is also dishwasher safe, making cleaning a lot lot easier. Get one now for summer for 149 Euros or about $206.


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