Tmobile Insurance Phone Replacement Review

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Updated September 30, 2022
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If you’re a fan of high-quality devices and would rather spend a decent amount of money on one, then it might be a good idea to consider insuring it in case anything bad happens. This could range from anything like your device falling down and its screen cracking to water accidentally spilling on it or, even worse, theft. If you’re prone to these kinds of accidents, then you need to find out what the best cell phone insurance plan is for you. With T-mobile being one of the most sought-after telecom companies in the US for premium phone bills and packages, a lot of people turn to them for their mobile phone needs. If you’re one of these people but have never really bothered to find out the kind of cell phone insurance plans they offer, this review is for you.

Why We Like It – Tmobile Insurance Phone Replacement

Signing up for a cell phone insurance plan may take a little background research, but this is contrary to the kind of complexity that most people associate it with. If you’re a T-mobile user, go ahead and get to the end of this T mobile insurance Phone Replacement review to see what they have in store for you. Additionally, you can also take out an extended warranty like the Upsie Phone Insurance plan or read our Verizon phone warranty review to see which is best for your needs.

  • Convenient claim filing (online or by phone)
  • Replacement Devices come with a warranty
  • Apple Care service for iPhone owners
  • Limited options

Coverage & Deductible

Let’s begin with a breakdown of the costs of each package: The Premium Handset Protection package will cost you only $8 a month, but the caveat here is that it’s only for prepaid subscribers. Postpaid users will be able to opt in either to the Basic Device Protection plan at $6 to $14 per month or the Protection 360 plan at $7 to $15 per month.  Despite the limitation, this is still a good deal and is comparable to Straight Talk Phone Insurance. If you’re an iPhone user, it’d be best to go with the latter since it includes a 24-month Apple Care Plan for iPhone users, making things like your iPhone screen repair costs just a little bit more palatable. Under the T-mobile insurance plans, there are no deductibles or claim limitations for malfunctioning devices, but you will have to cough up a $5 processing fee for a replacement device. Accidental damage deductibles for subscribers under the Premium Handset Protection plan range between $20 & $175 depending on your phone, but subscribers of the Akko phone insurance plan will only be entitled to a $100 deductible for adults and $50 for students. Those under the Basic Device Protection plan & the Protection 360 plan are both entitled to a $10 to $249 deductible arising from accidental damage. And if you are a Sprint customer, be sure to check out what they offer with our Sprint Complete Protection for smartphone review.

Backup Services

There aren’t as many tiers with the T-mobile cell phone insurance plan as there are with other providers – it’s got only three to choose from, so you’ll be a bit limited in choice. The Geek Squad Phone Protection Plan is even more constrictive, as you’ll only be able to make a choice from two options. T mobile’s plans are Premium Handset Protection, Basic Device Protection, and Protection 360. As you’ve probably read above, the only one that includes backup services is the Protection 360 Plan, so if you’re looking to get a lot more services & benefits from your cell phone insurance policy, then this would be the package to go for.

Customer Service

The Premium Handset Protection plan from T mobile basically covers malfunctions, accidental damage, loss & theft (unlike the SquareTrade phone insurance plan) and also extends to the charger, battery, and sim card. The Basic Device Protection Plan covers you against hardware service issues, loss, theft, and water placement, but if you take things a notch higher with their Protection 360 plan, you’ll get everything in the previous plan, but with the addition of JUMP! Upgrades, AppleCare (for iPhone owners), Unlimited Screen Protector replacements, McAfee Security for T-mobile with ID Theft Protection, and Tech PHD by Assurant. Issues arising from unauthorized repairs, power fluctuations, or intentional damage aren’t really taken into consideration, so you’ll have to try as much as you can to avoid those.

Security Features

The two main security features that are worth pointing out under the T mobile insurance plan are the McAfee Security for T-mobile with ID Theft Protection and Tech PHD by Assurant. The McAfee Security add-on is important to help secure your browsing and your presence on the Internet and protect your device against malware and identity theft. Tech PHD is more of an online support desk that you can use to report any issues with your network and get prompt assistance.


As you might be able to predict, the monthly premium costs that you’ll have to pay after signing up for either the Basic Device Protection plan or the Protection 360 plan will vary according to the actual price of your phone. This is something that you’re going to have a look at before settling on the plan that works for you. If you are using an older phone, you can still get insurance thanks to plans like those offered by RMG Group cell phone insurance. Additionally, if you like extra perks with your purchases, USAA cell phone insurance gives you 50GB of cloud storage for free.

Tmobile Insurance Phone Replacement Wrap Up

When filing a claim, a few of the things that you’ll need to have at hand is your mobile number, as well as its serial number. You can file the claim online on T-mobile’s website, but this only applies if you’re filing for accidental damage claims, loss, or theft. Most of the approved claims are normally of this nature, so as long as you follow the right procedure, getting your claim processed should be a very straightforward activity.