TKSTAR GPS Tracker Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re looking for the Best GPS Tracker available in the market, the TKSTAR GPS Tracker is a great one to consider buying. Because of its built-in magnet, it can also be regarded as one of the Best GPS Tracker For Bike options available at $50. If you want to browse other tracking devices, read our best GPS tracker list.

Why We Like It – TKSTAR GPS Tracker

The TKSTAR GPS Tracker is pretty much one of the very few GPS trackers that use both GPS and LBS simultaneously to provide accurate real time location data. And the overall setup process is probably one of the easiest and smoothest you’ll ever find in these kinds of tracking devices.

  • Real time GPS tracking
  • All of the different SIM card sizes supported
  • Anti-theft functions built-in
  • Uses ancient 2G GSM GPRS network


Unlike the LandAirSea 54 tracker, the TKSTAR GPS Tracker still uses the old 2G GSM GPRS network for GPS tracking. So, generally speaking, its performance is worse compared to other more modern (or even cheaper) GPS tracking devices. But, it should pretty much work just fine for most people. And the use of LBS is also a big plus point. If you need a reliable pet tracking product, then read our Tagg Pet tracker review.


It comes bundled with a 5000 mAH battery inside. And on a single charge, this thing can last upwards of 3 weeks (21+ days). That is slightly better than even the Spytec GL300 GPS tracker. But unfortunately, it doesn’t have a backup battery inside. So if the original battery dies, there’s no way you can retrieve it back to yourself.

Ease Of Use

The tracking app that it uses is excellent, to say the least. The manufacturer recommends you use a SpeedTalk SIM card. And the activation process as a whole is a breeze overall, unlike many other real time trackers (e.g., the Trak 4 GPS). Read our TKSTAR TK905 GPS tracker review for a tracker with a SIM card storage option.


The whole body of this TKSTAR GPS Tracker is pretty much made out of matte black plastic. This is excellent because it doesn’t get scuffed up as much as glossy plastic over time. The magnet inside we talked about earlier is extremely strong and will stay attached firmly even on rough roads and violent shocks.


One of the advantages of the 2G SIM card support is its low subscription fee. You won’t have to pay much more than 5-10 bucks every month to get this thing working. And with free shipping, this thing is pretty much a steal overall.

TKSTAR GPS Tracker Wrap Up

So, all in all, the TKSTAR GPS Tracker is a top-notch real time GPS tracking device for your vehicle. If you don’t mind using a GSM GPRS SIM card, it’s perfect for you.

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