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Deciding between spending on cable and spending on streaming can be difficult. With the TiVo Bolt OTA, you can get both! The Bolt OTA is lauded as the best cable replacement on our list of the best streaming device. If you’re moving on from cable, you may prefer this option over other devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick or the Google Chromecast 3rd Gen.

Why We Like It – TiVo Bolt OTA Streaming Device Review

TiVo Bolt OTA bridges the gap between cable and a pure streaming device like the Roku Streaming Stick. Cord cutters will be happy to get rid of high cable TV prices while adding convenient access to all of the biggest streaming apps.

  • Bolt OTA DVR is great for recording live TV
  • Good middle ground between cable and pure streaming devices
  • Access to all major streaming services
  • TiVo monthly or annual subscription is required


You can use the TiVo Bolt for streaming TV and accessing your local channels, so you won’t have to ditch your favorite shows on local TV in order to gain access to streaming services.

One of the best performing features for TV is SkipMode, which allows you to skip ads on non-live or recorded shows. The included TiVo VOX Remote makes it easy to use voice search to navigate live TV and your streaming apps. You can also stream and download content to your mobile devices to watch on-the-go. Its hard drive can hold up to 150 hours of content.

If you have Amazon Prime, apps like Prime Video are easy to access as well, along with any of the other major streaming services you may be subscribed to.


If you’ve already purchased TiVo products, you’ll be happy to know that the Bolt OTA is compatible with other TiVo products, like TiVo Mini, TiVo Mini VOX, and TiVo DVR to truly complete your smart home.

Bolt OTA is fairly easy to set up, with two USB ports and an HDMI output, as well as attachments for your antenna and audio out.


TiVo Bolt combines live TV services like Sling TV and Air TV with more streaming oriented products like Apple TV and Fire TV. Aesthetically, it looks like your typical set top box, but obviously does more than your typical set top cable box does.

Compared to other options like the Fire TV Recast, the TiVo Bolt OTA has a much lower upfront cost. However, you do need a monthly or annual subscription through TiVo to use the device. Currently, that’s $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. If you’re transitioning from cable, then you could be saving money. Otherwise, it’s a considerable added cost.

TiVo Bolt OTA Streaming Device Review Wrap Up

If you’re making a one time switch from traditional cable to something with more streaming options, then you should definitely consider the TiVo Bolt OTA. It’s great for accessing and recording live TV, and gives you the added convenience of access to streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and many more.

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