Tweezers are a pretty common tool around the world, both for delicate detail work and for personal grooming. In front of your best lighted makeup mirror of course. And, as anybody who uses them on a regular basis can tell you, it really doesn’t take much use for a pair of tweezers to crap out on you. Which is why a genius in New Zealand decided to stop messing around and make the perfect pair of tweezers out of the perfect material. To complete your morning routine, consider the best hair gel for men too. If you’re looking for the latest in bathroom essentials, you’ll also be interested in our review of the Triton body dryer.

Titanium Resolve

The perfect material in question is titanium. There’s a lot to recommend titanium as a tweezer material; titanium is notable for being hard and stiff, so the TiTweezers will keep their springiness for years. But it’s also an extremely light metal, which has made it popular for military and aerospace applications, and in this case means you’ll have a more deft, simpler-to-use tweezer. Oh, and it’ll also last forever, so that’s a bonus.

Another, and arguably more important, bonus is that titanium is completely hypoallergenic. In fact, it’s one of the few metals that has no known allergic reaction from anyone whatsoever. So if you’ve got a nickel sensitivity or a similar issue that’s kept you from picking up a pair of tweezers, these won’t react to your skin.

Tough Tweezers


That said, you’ll need to be able to chip in to get these. After a limited handcrafted run crashed Magnus Macdonald’s website, he put up a Kickstarter. Working the exchange rates, it looks like you’ll pay about $36 for a full-sized tweezers, and a bit more for a tiny set. Still, if you need the best possible tweezers… these sure look like the best you can find.

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