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Titanker 4-Feet Combination Bike Lock Cable Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re looking for a bike lock that just gets the job done with no bells and whistles, then the Titanker bike lock cable is for you. The easy transportation resettable bike lock stretches to about 4-feet in length, and is made out of flexible steel cables that offer great cut resistance. A better lock is obviously the Sportneer 5-Digit Combination Chain Cable Bike Lock which offers a lock that has 100,000 different combinations . The Titanker cable lock features a 4 digit combination locking mechanism that’s also keyless, making it great for anyone that’s not good at sticking with a set of keys. The bike cable lock comes with a PVC coating that keeps it durable and prevents scratching, as well as a complimentary mounting bracket for easy attachment to your bike’s frame. Is it the best bike lock that you could come across? Well, let’s delve deeper and see what else the Titanker bike cable basic self coiling lock has in store. If you’d like more accessories for your bike, you should also take a look at our review of the Mybell, a bike horn and light that’s customizable.

Why We Like It – Titanker 4-feet combination bike lock cable

The Titanker resettable combination cable bike lock is a very affordable lock that is simple to use, and can also be repurposed to secure other things such as ladders, grills or even lawnmowers.

  • Keyless
  • Free mounting bracket
  • Multipurpose use
  • No warranty or money back guarantee


The Titanker cable bike lock is referred to as a basic self coiling resettable lock due to its ability to be bent into many different shapes, and also have its combination lock reset as many times as you’d want. A better, more secure lock is this Sportneer Combination Chain Cable which has a 5-digit resettable combination. Now the 4 digit combination Titanker cable is about a half of an inch in diameter, and consists of a braided steel cable inside its PVC coating that makes it difficult for bike thieves to manipulate, just like the Via Velo Bike U Lock’s cable. If you don’t have a bike, then the 4 feet bike cable basic lock can also be used to securely fasten other stuff like sports equipment or even your tool box.


At only 4 feet x half an inch, the Titanker self coiling resettable lock isn’t really a long cable. This means you’ll probably secure your bike by looping in only one wheel, and perhaps a pole or a bike rail. Also, by default, the code on this Titanker lock comes as 0000. To reset it, you’d need to turn the key nob at a 90-degree angle, input the new code, then turn the key nob back to its original position. That’s all it takes to have a new set combination. If you’d still prefer moving around with your keys to the keyless convenience offered by this self coiling resettable combination lock from Titanker, then you should opt for the Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock.


To make both mounting and storage easier, the Titanker resettable combination cable comes with a mounting bracket that lets you hold the braided steel cable in the most convenient manner, just like the Sigtuna Bike Locks Heavy-Duty U Lock with Shackle. The red button on the free mounting bracket uses a lock-and-release mechanism to release the transportation resettable easy lock for use, or hold it back in position when in storage. One of the caveats of this 4 digit combination cable bike is that it isn’t really big enough to lock two bikes, let alone both wheels. Still, most combination cable bike locks aren’t able to do the same, so it’s an issue that you’ll just have to make due with. Also, like most bike locks, the steel cable basic self-coiling lock from Titanker does have its breaking point, so we advise that when leaving your bike outside, you try to leave it in the most secure point possible.

Titanker 4-feet combination bike lock cable Wrap Up

The Titanker self coiling resettable combination cable has a combination bike lock that would take anyone almost 10,000 failed attempts to figure out, making it very unlikely that a thief would sit down and take that much time to steal your bike. It’s a cable flexible that can wrap around most things, and as a basic self coiling resettable lock, it won’t cost you too much money.

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