You know, there has to come to a point where size has to stop mattering. It just does. For example, I’m an apartment dweller, and the idea that I’m going to buy a 70″ TV at any point in my life just seems vaguely absurd. So, I’m not in the market for the Titan Zeus, a flatscreen TV that redefines “overkill.” If you’re in the market looking for a good outdoor TV, then we recommend that you check our excellent writeup on choosing the best outdoor TV features that matter.

Weird Al Inches Closer To Reality

We’re not quite at a quarter of the size of Frank’s 2000″ TV, but we’re getting into the realm of the absurd with the Titan Zeus. It’s 370 inches, or nearly eleven feet, on the diagonal, so in terms of sheer size, this might actually be the biggest television you can buy. It’s certainly the heaviest; it weighs just under one ton. Yes, really. Good luck finding a place to set it up! But the overkill, needless to say, doesn’t stop there. I’m sure you’re wondering if this TV is so huge; how big is a 55 inch TV? Certainly smaller than this one.

Colorful And Bright

First of all, yes, it’s 4K resolution. Really, what else could it be? But even by those standards, this is something of a technical beast; it packs 65 billion colors for perfect reproduction of everything you can screen on it, and there are outdoor solutions as well, you know, just in case you decide that having a massive TV that weighs as much as a car needs to be outside for everyone to enjoy.


Excess Will Cost You

As you might have guessed, a cutting-edge TV the size of a wall doesn’t come cheap, but the Titan Zeus more than lives up to its name, possibly to the point that they should have called it the Titan Plutus instead: This thing costs $1.7 million, and that’s just for the base model. Weatherizing will, needless to say, cost more.

On the flip side, if nothing else, you have the single best TV ever. Just don’t try to upscale any Blu-Rays on this thing.

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