The Titan Arm is an Affordable Robocop Suit (video)

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Need strength?  Then you don’t have to look any further than the Titan Arm.  Created by three UPenn Students, the Titan Arm just won $45,000 and was awarded the prestigious James Dyson award.

The battery powered arm fits to the users arm/body using a variety of straps, and can increase the wearers lifting power by up to 40lbs.  It’s not enough to move a car, or toss a soon to explode rocket into space (i.e. Superman), but it should be just enough to assist those with disabilities or injuries in everyday scenarios.

So what sets the Titan Arm apart from some of the other exoskeleton suits that we’ve seen over the years?  Largely the cost, which is $2,000 and is reflected in the type of parts that were used to create the Titan Arm.

Unfortunately, the Titan Arm is more concept – a working concept no less – than anything else.  So don’t expect it to hit “stores” any time soon.

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  1. This is a nice tool that can be used to help people who have lost their arms in war or people who were born with natural disabilities.

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