Tips for Switching to Keyboard and Mouse

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Updated January 5, 2023

Gamers are in constant debate over which controller type is superior. However, there are things to know for those buying the best computer mouse and keyboard setup. Below we’ll provide tips for switching to a keyboard and mouse and hopefully keep you from regretting sidelining your controller.


  • Using a keyboard and mouse over a controller often increases control speed and boosts performance in intense gaming environments.
  • It’s wise to test different sensitivity settings on the mouse, beginning slow and moving up to faster speeds.
  • Positioning the mouse and keyboard at an angle can help improve the range of motion for more intense gaming.
  • Keyboards and computer mouses are often more durable than gaming controllers and last up to 10 years longer.

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Insider Tip

You can purchase a keyboard with a layered key structure to increase the number of custom controls and combos.

Mouse and Keyboard Tips for Beginners

Whether it’s a popular shooting game or some niche game only you and a small gamer cult are aware of, how you play matters. Controllers are user-friendly, but traditional mouse and keyboard navigation have many competitive benefits. However, a keyboard/mouse setup takes some getting used to. But there are a few things to remember to help acclimate yourself to the different controls.

There’s a lot to familiarize oneself with when using a new mouse setup, and every part matters. For more information, we have an article explaining the mouse scroll wheel. And a further resource explaining how to fix a mouse scroll wheel.

Know Your Setup

Engraining the keyboard layout in your muscle memory is one of the best ways to improve performance. Switching from a controller to a keyboard requires becoming used to a different format and placement, so the sooner you memorize where the keys are without having to look, the faster you’ll become.

Also, if you purchase a keyboard with backlighting, you can configure the lighting to indicate special keys to help with memorization. Backlighting makes it easier to memorize keyboard shortcuts that can help improve performance.

Configure your Mouse Movement Settings

Adjusting your sensitivity levels is crucial in finding that sweet spot that allows you to achieve peak performance in terms of mouse control. It’s often smart to begin at a lower sensitivity and build up to as fast as you can control.

Play around with the DPI and begin at a comfortable t level. An excellent place to start is at about 400 DPI.


Leaving on the mouse’s acceleration setting often hinders the ability to control the cursor in fast-paced situations.

Find the Right Position

Make sure that the mouse and keyboard placement is such that it makes gameplay as comfortable as possible. There are some specific recommendations by experts for mouse, keyboard, and monitor placement. But ultimately, this depends on personal comfort.

STAT: It’s recommended to place both the mouse and keyboard around 2-3 inches above the knees for the most comfortable results. (source)

Tips for Switching to Keyboard and Mouse FAQs

What is a KVM switch, and what does it do?

KVM stands for "Keyboard, Video, and Mouse" and allows users to control multiple computers from a single keyboard and mouse setup.

What's the best controller position for keyboard gaming?

It's always up to preference, but many gamers recommend tilting the keyboard and mouse at a 30 to 45-degree angle for the most intense gaming forms.

Is a keyboard/mouse or controller more common in pro gaming?

In the pro-gaming world, keyboards and mouses are considered superior and result in the most precise and fast command strategy.
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