Time Warner HD Box Firmware Upgrade Rocks! – Acts Faster, Smoother and Stronger

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Late last week I noticed what I perceived to be a Firmware update to my Time Warner HD box. The indication came in the form of a font change in the Moxi enabled box’s windows. Then I realized that the navigation windows weren’t appearing, but were in fact ‘popping up’ ala Apple style. Even niftier was the doubling, if not tripling in speed I experienced while navigating from menu to menu, or deleting a show. Prior to the update the Timewarner Moxi boxes stalled when entering the guide and often experienced a bottle neck effect when scrolling through the channels. They’ve also updated the menus and one of the more notable features is to view all upcoming shows in a vertical (sports, kids, etc) by a particular time. In the past you had to scroll through each channel’s time slots which is was a mind numbing and annoying task. Dare I say they’re more on par with Tivo then ever before…at least from a speed stand point? I might just snap photos of the new updates – that is assuming I can’t find any online.

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