Timberland Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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92 Expert Rating

Even the worst of the Best Cool Wallets look better than the Timberland Wallet. It’s a good thing aesthetics won’t hinder its ability to use what the Best RFID Wallet has: RFID protection. It can prevent thieves from snagging data, which you’ll certainly need because of its 13 card-carrying capacity.

Why We Like It – Timberland Wallet

The Timberland Wallet can serve its master well with its maximum card-carrying capacity of 13. And if you’re heading to the beach or the pool, its Cordura material is water-resistant.

  • Cordura material is durable & water-resistant
  • Can hold up to 13 cards
  • Hand washable
  • Not very appealing to the eyes
  • Subpar craftsmanship


Like it was mentioned before, the Timberland Wallet is not appealing to the eyes. It looks cheap, flimsy even, and flat. Not to mention the craftsmanship, specifically with the nylon lining, looks subpar. The Travelambo Wallet is half the price and looks leagues better by comparison.


Since the Timberland Wallet was made primarily of Cordura, there’s an inherent level of durability. Cordura is quite resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuffs. It’s also water-resistant, making it a good choice for beaches and pools. The Flipside Wallet, however, is exponentially better with its polycarbonate shell and aircraft-grade aluminum interior.


Functionally speaking, the Timberland Wallet does about 30% more than wallets in this price bracket. The average wallet will hold somewhere between 5 to 10 cards, whereas the Timberland Wallet holds 13! In the center of the trifold is also a place for your ID. What’s nice is the layer of RFID blocking then protects all those cards.

Size & Versatility

Despite the number of cards and money it can hold, the Timberland Wallet is relatively compact. It measures 4.25″ x 3.5″ in size, which is front or back pocket worthy. It helps that the wallet is flimsy in nature rather than rigid, unmoving leather.


Even if you don’t care about your wallet’s looks, the Timberland Wallet is still a fairly standard, paint by numbers wallet. It doesn’t do much of anything to differentiate itself from other similarly priced wallets. In fact, the Tommy Hilfiger Wallet looks way better with its leather exterior, over a dozen colors, RFID protection, and performance. The Tommy Hilfiger is only $5 more! On the other hand, the Samsonite Wallet is large enough to hold boarding passes, pouches for money, and unique items and is affordable.

Timberland Wallet Wrap Up

The Timberland Wallet can function just as well as the greats, but it fails to be a fashion statement. Yes, holding 13 cards, money, and an ID slot is great. It’s also nice to have a water-resistant wallet. But sadly, it’s tough looking past the subpar craftsmanship to get you excited about owning one.

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