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Three (Bad) Things You Need To Know About The New Macbook

Apple debuted a bunch of new things today, from an open-source medical research initiative, probably the last thing anybody was expecting it to announce, to a short exclusive window with HBO Now. But one of the bigger surprises was a new, thinner, lighter, smaller Macbook. But there’s far more you need to know than just “There’s a new one.”

It’s Surprisingly Underpowered

The new Macbook runs an Intel Core M, which is a processor between phone and computer CPUs. The net result is that it’s going to be the least powerful computer in Apple’s laptop lineup. It’s true that people who just want an Apple to show off will be more than happy with the Core M. But power users will probably want to avoid this new Macbook.

There’s One Port To Do Everything

OK, this in particular is going to get everyone’s goat. Apple’s crusade to make its ports user-hostile and incompatible with everything has hit a new low with the fact that this skinny laptop has one port: A USB Type-C port. Yes, that’s everything, except headphones. Your charger, your hard-wired data connection, all of it. Oh, and for ANY of your USB stuff to work, you’ll need to either shell out for new cords or pay for an adapter, since USB Type C is relatively new.

The good news is that at least flipping your USB plug until it fits is a thing of the past.

iOS Is A Matter Of When, Not If

macbook 2

Tablet processor… smaller form factor… power sipping. Yeah. Apple’s going to put iOS on this thing. Knowing Apple, that might be your only choice of OS, too, at some point, as they’ve never really been a company about operational flexibility. Be ready for that if it happens.

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