Toothbrush Cup

For those who don’t use the best electric toothbrush, this is cool for your regular brush.

I recently reviewed Sonicare’s Diamondclean Toothbrush. Included is a glass cup.  It serves not only as a receptacle for the toothbrush to charge and store it, but as a rinse cup.  But have you ever looked at the bottom of your toothbrush holder? If so, then you know you’d probably rather lick the toilet seat before drinking from it.

Lack of witty names aside, the Toothbrush Cup solves the aforementioned problem with a two-in-one approach.  On one end of the cup there is a small slot for a traditional, manual toothbrush. Flip the cup over and it reveals a full-sized cup ideal for drinking and washing your mouth out.

So you see, you can store your toothbrush and drink from the same cup without any of the gross implications associated with the normal toothbrush holder.  Moreover, the toothbrush slot has a hole at the bottom, allowing water to drain through and prevent would be build up.

You can buy the Toothbrush Cup from TheFancy for $11.

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