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Updated June 27, 2022
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This TV show from our Best Shows on Hulu starts with a series of people celebrating their 36th birthday. Some of the characters are going through changes while some still desire to change. Some of our characters await the arrival of their triplets, also known as the big three. The Pearson family is trying to lose terrible jobs and weight. As our characters grow, they take on their problems to become better versions of themselves. This is a series that carries inspirational messages for everybody. To learn more about Hulu, check our article on the best streaming services.

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Why We Like It – This Is Us Review

This Is Us is a family drama about people coming of age into older adulthood. This is a series that shows us how we can live more fulfilling lives. Each character was suffering in their own unique way. Throughout the series, they work on their problems by being healthier, pursuing what makes them happy, and creating family bonds.

  • Real-life lessons
  • Inspirational Moments
  • Covers the usual life issues

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Justin Hartley stars are Kevin the actor. Mandy Moore stars as Rebecca, a new mother. Chrissy Metz stars as Kate, a woman with a self-image issue. Milo Ventimiglia is Jack Pearson. Sterling K Brown stars as Randall Pearson. Susan Kelechi Watson is Beth. You can expect some intense dialogue and events, but not any action-filled moments. I suggest The Handmaid’s Tale, a story about life in a totalitarian state, for your action-adventure fix.


Dan Fogelman produced this TV series based in New York. A typical episode jumps from various characters as they face their personal problems. The show stays interesting because each character is going through different problems. This series feels like a visual self-help book. I’m sure some of you won’t appreciate that, so rest assured there are other options from our list like Bob’s Burgers, or if you enjoy the lessons here, Atlanta has similar life lessons to share.


This family drama will have you doing some self-reflection, unlike The Act that will have you pulling hairs out. As every character confronts their problems, we can’t help but think of ways that we can also grow stronger. There’s also an empathetic value to this series because when we see others go through difficulties, it makes us more conscious of their struggles. There are plenty of pieces of advice on the show that we can take along for our own use.

This Is Us Review Wrap Up

This Is Us seasons 1 through 4 will show some meaningful but depressing moments. Each character will face their strongest internal demons. While the problems these characters go through may feel generic, their story will keep us hooked. This is a series that helps us find areas to improve within our own lives.

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