I’ve long been intrigued by Bioluminescence, a natural source of light created by a living organisms.  Fire flies are probably the most well known example, but there are many others. For another way to upgrade your home’s aesthetic, you should also read our review of the PikaPlant One (makes keeping plants as easy as possible).

CORE Glow is effectively a pebble/gravel that glows in the dark after it has been exposed to natural or artificial light.  They come in a few different sizes, as well as formats, and are said to glow when the sun goes down and stay illuminated, albeit gradually dissipating in energy, until dawn. Moreover, their shelf life is good for up to 20 years. If you’re interested in reading about the newest tech, you might also enjoy reading our review of the Webble footrest (is the perfect complement to your Herman Miller chair) too.

I’d be reluctant to scatter them around my home’s outdoor areas for fear if I ever moved and wanted to sell my house (if I owned a house), or just simply got sick of them.  However, you could drive neighbors nuts by tossing them over the proverbial fence, though I’m not sure the cost (unknown) would be worth it, unless of course you really hate (or love) them.

That all said, you could use the CORE Grow pebbles to light up a path way when light isn’t available, or add an accent to your swimming pool.

Update: a 1lb of Core Glow stones starts at $20 and they come in a variety of colors

Christen Costa

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