This Case Gives Your iPhone 6 A Second SIM Card

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve probably learned by now that while the mobile networks of the world have many virtues, they still cling desperately to those annoying damn roaming charges. And if you’re sick of paying those particular fees, it might be time to get a few SIMs for your iPhone. And our ever-reliable friends at Brando have a clever way to use two SIMs, provided you don’t mind a case.

Strong Brando

It’s actually pretty simple; the kit ships with a small ribbon cable and a case to hide it in. Slot the nano-SIM Apple insists you use because it’s annoying into the sleeve, and slide it into your phone. Then, slot a normal-sized SIM card from another provider into the other end of the ribbo. Slot the card in the case, lock it down, and you’re free to call whoever you want. You just have to ensure both cards are on the same type of network; 4G to 4G only, kids.

Admittedly it’s not the most elegant way to solve this problem, but it has a few virtues, namely that it’s simple to install, easy to remove, and pretty cheap.

Brando X

brando 2

Admittedly, like everything from Brando, the low-end Chinese Hammacher Schlemmer, you get what you pay for, and this is a highly specialized tool that only a handful of people need. But it’s always fun to break Apple’s fussy, stylized design and use your stuff the way you want to. And hey, it’s $25; hard to go wrong, at that price point.

Dan Seitz

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