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This Bulletproof iPad Case Really Does Work…Sort Of (video)

Earlier this year, July to be more specific, we told you about the VestGuard UK Bulletproof iPad Case.  At the time we said it was protective enough to stop a bullet from penetrating your tablet and causing any damage to you and the touchscreen device.  Well, as it turns out the company makes no such claim.

First off it’s a panel that slips in between your iPad and the case it sits in.  Second, it’s not intended to prevent your iPad from sustaining any damage.  In fact, the company makes no such claim and states otherwise on their website: “This solution is designed to protect you, and not your iPad, the tablet will most likely be seriously damaged in the ballistic event.”

So the real question is: does it work?  Engadget received a review unit and shot both a 9mm and .357 at a 1st gen iPad.  The result?  The iPad’s screen was destroyed using both firearms, but in either instance the bullet didn’t penetrate all the way through.  Which means, if you had this configuration on your person while under attack, be it in the heat of battle or while being mugged, you might live to see another day as well as another tablet.

It’s a remarkable feat considering VestGuard UK’s Ballistic iPad panel is merely a thin, almost yellow paper like material.  According to Engadget it’s no heavier than a piece of cardboard, though it’s “strikingly rigid”.  Hit the source link to read the full story, but you can peep the video above.

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  1. steve

    wait a minute – at the end, the idea is stated that you could hold the thing up to a gun and it would protect you. I don’t consider that as having been tested…. you need to do the test again with the gun right there in front of the ipad to simulate and justify that concept!

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