The x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack Lets You Swim Like Aquaman
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The x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack Lets You Swim Like Aquaman

x2 underwater jetpack

The jetpack is one of those eternally futuristic devices. We’re always just on the verge of being able to strap a rocket to our backs and flying off into the stratosphere to hit the supermarket. Sadly, jetpacks are impractical in the air; they need too much fuel, wind resistance makes them difficult to use, and generally they’re just not a practical solution. In the air. In the water? That’s another matter.

Aqua Man

The x2 Sport Underwater Jetpack is designed to have you go at ridiculous speed underwater. Water has a few advantages as a jetpack medium that air lacks: Sure, air is technically a fluid, but water is denser, giving propulsion systems more to push against. There’s also the fact that gravity, while not negated, is less of a factor when you’re under water than over it.

As a result, building an underwater jetpack is surprisingly simple. You just put on the backpack, which contains the control unit and the batteries, and strap the cuffs with the turbines to your wrists. Get in the water, flick on the switch, and you’re ripping through the water like a superhero. Sorry, it doesn’t yet come with the ability to order sea life. But you can get it in several different colors, which is nice, and yes, Aquaman groupies, orange is one of those colors.

Water Jet

The x2 Underwater Jetpack in action

Granted, being able to whip through the water like a seal isn’t going to be cheap. Currently the x2 is sitting at $2500 on IndieGogo, with a “signature” edition for $500 more. Despite that, though, the team behind this is passionate and they’re asking for surprisingly little to make your jetpack dreams come true: Their fundraiser is for just $35,000. And really, at the price of a luxury car, who wouldn’t want to make that happen? Hey, they’re a lot closer than the other jetpack manufacturers.

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