The Winscape Virtual Window Gives Your Home A Real Time View Of The San Francisco Bay From Any Perspective (video)

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Updated June 27, 2022

Winscape System

In “Total Recall” Arnold not only wakes up to a fine piece of tail (Sharon Stone), but his home has a virtual wall allowing him to watch TV or give him a view of the alps, the great lakes or whatever he fancies. If you want to make sure your houseplants are taken care of too, you’ll also want to read our Parrot Flower Power review.

The Winscape system does something very comparable using two plasma TVs (two windows) and a tracking camera to present one user with a variety of virtual landscapes to stare at from any perspective in the room.  (The video example below is quite stunning so skip to that if you want the real deets). These displays are virtual, so there’s not even any need to buy the best window shades.

It’s too bad the tracking beacon, which you have to wear around your neck so the camera knows who to follow and how to adjust the perspective is gargantuan in size – I’m confident they’ll fix that when it soon comes to market this July.

But wait, there is more.  What kind of system would it be if there wasn’t an iPhone app.  That’s right, using your handset you can change the landscape and even experience what it is like to ride on some sort of Asian train.

Cost you ask?  You’re probably thinking like $20,000.  Wrongzo.  The Winscape system will cost as little as $2,500.  Of course, keep in mind that is before installation, so it’s probably safe to assume a few more Gs to get this thing jammed into your wall. That’s understandable, unlike this invention that we reviewed which is titled the Hay fever hat: Another bizarre Japanese gadget.



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