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The Wine Cell: Store Your Wine By The Neck


If you don’t have a lot of storage space, keeping a lot of wine on hand can be a bit of an aggravation. Wine, while useful, also takes up a lot of space, and most wine storage solutions tend to involve large wooden objects that don’t tend to go well with tiny apartments. Fortunately, the Danish have come up with a solution called the Wine Cell that we’re pretty sure was inspired by drunkenly throwing plungers at a wall during a party, but hey, it works.

Built by Danish home design firm Fiduz, the Wine Cell is essentially built for you to install bottles of wine pretty much anywhere you want them, in any pattern you want them. They come in six colors (black, white, purple, red, lime and teal) and attach to the wall; to store your wine, you just slide the neck into the Wine Cell’s opening. The Wine Cell is deep enough to be able to grasp any neck you slide into it, and the design naturally places the wine at the level it’s supposed to be. When you want a bottle, just grab, uncork, and pour.


The big advantage is that these things can be hung pretty much anywhere there’s drywall; if you want to fill your bathroom with bottles of wine, go crazy. Star pattern? Easy to do. True, your budget will limit your creativity a little bit: These run about $43 a pop at current exchange rates and currently they don’t seem to be available from any US stores. On the other hand, paying for them now also means that you’ll be able to easily store wine in even the tiniest of spaces, and you’ll have more room in your kitchen for other things. Besides, nothing beats having parents and guests walk in and mistake your wine storage system for modern art.

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