The Whisky Advent Calendar Brings Drunken Cheer To The Season

The holidays are famously time for most of us to start drinking, at the very least modestly and in some cases extravagantly. And really, if you’re going to up your alcohol intake this time of year, you should do it in a classy, tasteful way, really explore the various ways to get tanked around the world. Which is where the friend of all holiday drunks the Whisky Advent Calendar comes in.

Whisky Tenor

As you might have guessed from the name, and yes, the lack of an “e” does actually matter to certain people, the Whisky Advent Calendar is not fooling around. You can spoil what’s in the calendar if you really want to look, but we don’t recommend it. Come on, not knowing what’s in the mix is part of the fun.

What you will know going in is that you’ll get a bit less than a jigger’s worth of whisky (or a dram, if you must) in each bottle, that there are twenty-four bottles to enjoy, and that you’ve got a wide variety. Everything from scotch that costs hundreds for a full bottle to Japanese whiskys to stuff you may not even have heard of will be included, and hey, drinking it is all in the spirit of the season, right?

Whisky Business

Drams of whisky from the advent calendar
Each dram of whisky is labeled, sealed, and nestled in an advent calendar

A good whisky is a wonderful thing, and like many wonderful things, it’s a fleeting experience, changing from first sip to last, and many whiskys are hard for us to enjoy knowing they can’t last. But we should enjoy those experiences, should we? Even if we only try a lovely thing once, it’s something that helps define us, however small that definition may be. Besides, at $189, that’s a lot of whisky to enjoy, one day at a time.

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