The Wellograph Tells You Both The Time And Your Exercise Quality

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Activity monitors are all the rage, these days. Everybody’s got a Fuelband, or a heart rate tracker, or a sleep band, or some sort of device that quantifies their wellness. The Wellography wants to take that a step further, by incorporating a heart monitor into a watch you’ll actually wear.

Heart To Heart

The Wellograph, first of all, is built to track not just when you exercise, but the quality of that exercise. It’s designed to track your heartbeat so you know the exact quality of your exercise, and it’ll also track the number of steps that you take. Over time, it’ll be able to tell you more about your overall fitness. In addition, it’s got a stopwatch to help you time various routines, and an “idle alarm” that pokes you to get up and get moving if you’ve been sitting too long.

Yes, it nags you. Hey, some people need that incentive to get off the couch. At least it doesn’t give you a small electric shock.

One To Watch

Another good touch is they’ve actually thought about the design of this device. Most activity trackers look like they’re straight from Dick’s Sporting Goods and don’t really blend well with most outfits, but this looks like a nice, well-crafted utility watch that anybody can strap on and look good in. In another nice touch of style, it also lets you choose between an analog clock face and a digital display, so you can configure it to the mood of the occasion.

A Watch For Everyday Use

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A lot of wearable tech, in this regard, doesn’t really work; it’s either too obvious, too ugly, or puts function ahead of form. The Wellograph, on the other hand, looks to be an actually considered piece of technology, and that’s hard to complain about. The Wellograph will be on sale this spring, with a price yet to be announced.

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