The Volvo XC90’s New Interior Is Luxurious


Volvo’s reputation is largely built on putting out what amount to tanks. Most Volvos will roll until the wheels rust off, but they’re not exactly noted for luxury beyond that, and their 4X4 the XC90 was no exception. Fortunately, though, Volvo has decided to try a little harder with an interior it debuted at the Geneva Auto Show.

Floating No More

First off, the floating dash has been done away with completely. Instead, you’ve got a nice center console, not unlike other high-end off-road vehicles, and a media center embedded in the dash that allows both passenger and driver to fiddle with radio stations and the like to their hearts’ content. The console has actually been redesigned so that everything is touch-friendly; you won’t have to look at the controls to tweak the air conditioning or find a radio station that isn’t playing Katy Perry on repeat.

I’ll also work with Apple’s CarPlay software, so synching up your iPod will make sense at least if nothing else works. And there’s four-zone climate control so you won’t have to freeze while the backseat sweats.

The Right Materials

We must admit, the XC90 is going to be a handsome vehicle. The interior is all leather and wood trim, and it looks beautiful. It’s even got a crystal glass gear selector, which is an unusually luxurious touch for Volvo and something you usually see on sports cars.


But The Exterior?

The funny thing is we’ve got no idea what the exterior of this vehicle looks like just yet. Volvo is slowly teasing the reveal, starting with the interior and slowly pulling out to reveal the full car for everyone’s delectation. The real question, of course, is what changes we’ll see once we have the full picture: That will become clearer later this year.

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