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The Vipp Shelter Brings Design To The Steel Home

It’s fairly common, at this point, for shipping containers to be converted into an environmentally friendly home. But Vipp has decided to take the repurposed home as inspiration and taken it to new heights with a structure that offers all the benefits of recycling the containers, with a lot more style.

Blue Steel

In the basics, it’s fairly similar to other shipping container structures, although built from steel directly. The structure draws its strength from a steel grid built into the prefabricated design, so you can get a two story design. Mostly, though, it’s about the design.

For example, the bathroom and the bed loft are blocked off from view, but everything else, from the kitchen to the living area, is wide open with enormous glass windows, perfect for admiring a lake view. And, in fact, that’s pretty much what it’s designed for.

A Prefab Getaway


It’s not just the shelter you get when you buy the place. It comes with, literally, everything; a bed, a desk, it even comes with the linen. All you need to do is buy it, which admittedly isn’t cheap at $600,000, find a plot of land, and have it put up within a few days. That’s the advantage of prefabricated homes; they go up quickly. So if you want a lake getaway, but you don’t feel like shelling out a few million for lakeside construction, Vipp has you covered.

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