The Uno: A Seriously Cool Looking Clown Motorcycle

Uno Motorcycle-1

The electric unicycle of your dreams?

Say hello to the Uno.  Believe it or not this bike, which is intended for cluttered cities, came from the mind of a 19 year old kid who loves motorcycles named Ben Gulak – actually he originally dreamt it up when he was 16.  In fact, he was recently on the Dragon’s Den and scored a $1.25 million investment for 20% of his company.  Since acquiring the funding, he’s gone on to MIT and redesigned the bike.  Originally the bike used a pair of parallel wheels and a self balancing system.  For fear that someone would perform a more than serious face plant they modified the bike such that one of the two wheels now moves to the front, much like a traditional motorcycle, when traveling over 20mph.  I have a hard time seeing any one riding one of these in the US since were all about “bigger is better”, but any number of Asian countries could adopt the clown like unicycle, heck even the UK, specifically Londonites could be all over this.

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