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Sir Reginald Hargreeves has passed away, leaving seven adopted kids. Since before his death, the kids had grown apart to do their own thing. Now that their father is dead, the kids are reunited with the exception of number Five. There is a mystery around why their father died, and during the series, they will investigate the cause of his death. This is a series from our list of the Best Shows On Netflix.

Why We Like It – The Umbrella Academy Review

The Umbrella Academy series is a comic book adaptation about seven children that were adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves. The kids all possess unique superpowers that they will use to push their enemies around. Throughout the series, their teamwork will be tested as the stakes become higher and dangerous for all of society.

  • A futuristic sci-fi fantasy world
  • Epic action throughout the series
  • Lack of subtitles at the start made the series feel vague
  • Camera angles jumped too quickly at times


The Umbrella Academy is a group of adopted kids that were made into superheroes. The superheroes feature Aidan Gallagher as the time-traveling Number Five. Ellen Page stars as the 7th child Vanya Hargreeves. Robert Sheehan stars as Klaus Hargreeves, a skeptical brother. Tom Hopper also stars Luther Hargreeves. After this series, feel free to watch other great series that the kids will love like Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Expect to see an exquisite sci-fi futuristic view of Russia. There will be plenty of times this series will trip you out with unique things like monkeys smart enough to be butlers, and Number Five jumping in and out of points in the past, present, and future. The crux of the series deals with the kids being unable to work as a team, and we will see these moments occur during the present and flashbacks in the show. The series is often serious, so it will be best to enjoy a comedy show like Big Mouth after this.


This is an entertaining series to watch because all the kids have unique powers that will help them along the way. This feels like a superhero series, except that in this show the heroes do not get along at all, which is cause for internal conflicts with one another. Breaking Bad is another great show that is just as dramatic as this. Without a doubt, a series like this will have an epic showdown with the antagonists at one point or another.

The Umbrella Academy Review Wrap Up

Gerard Way’s comic book series comes to life in this suspenseful sci-fi action-adventure. Feel free to check out the first season to see how The Umbrella Academy fights to stop the end of the world. Who knows whether they will end up working well as a team, or ultimately failing altogether.

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