The Typhoon Action Cam Gives You Stable 4K Footage, No Matter What

Anybody who’s filmed on a camera knows through bitter experience that it’s really, really hard to keep a tiny camera stable and filming. Both the nature of the camera and the hard laws of physics work against getting a smooth, stable shot without careful mounting and at least a small amount of luck. The Typhoon, however, wants to take luck out of the equation and allow you to simply film.

Footage Typhoon

Despite the name, the Typhoon is a camera that stays stable, no matter what, and in fact was originally designed for aerial photography. Part of that is the gimbal it’s attached to, a CGO3 that essentially lets you stagger and sway, but it captures stable footage regardless. That’s been paired with a pistol grip mount so you can literally pick up the Typhoon, point, and shoot.

As a camera, however, it’s got a lot to recommend it as well. First of all, it’s a 4K action cam, so you’re getting high resolution footage. If you need to step it down, though, it can shoot up to 120 frames per second in 1080p. And if you need to tweak the pitch of your camera, that’s as simple as using the scroll wheel placed under your thumb. And if you want to see your footage? Just pair it with your phone; it works with smartphones to serve as a control.

Reap The Typhoon

Typhoon Action Cam with iPhone
The Typhoon Action Cam with iPhone attached.

The Typhoon may not replace the GoPro in your immediate affections. But priced at $550, and with the gimbal and a bunch of other features, it’s definitely worth keeping in your action cam arsenal. After all, if you need the stable shot, it sure beats strapping your GoPro into the multitude of aftermarket accessories, and it’s likely a lot easier to control.

Dan Seitz

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