The Tranquility Pod

Power naps are hard to come by as an adult, but they don’t always have to be! The Tranquility Pod will provide you some much needed rest and relaxation during a stressful day at work. The high-tech sleeping pod uses please an sounds, vibrations and soothing light to put your body into a tranquil state of relaxation. The pod is handcrafted from fiberglass into a smooth, shiny gel-coat surface, with the egg-shaped pod’s exterior blocking 90% of outside noise so that you don’t have to hear the everyday sounds of life. Its interior plays music from its integrated 80-watt, four-speaker sound system via your smartphone, while the system’s sub generates gentle vibrations via the bed.


When you enter the pod, you’re greeted by a comfy ultra-suede topped memory foam cushion that sits on top of an octagonal waterbed that also features two ultra-suede pillows. The bed is also temperature controlled from a special panel. Then there’s the LED system that uses a pulse sensor to synchronize with your heart rate, providing you ultimate rest. The LEDs change colors at your command from the built-in controller or wirelessly from an iPhone or smartphone app. The Tranquility Pod is actually pretty similar to the Nap Pod, but is a bit more luxurious and more expensive, costing $30,000 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

The Tranquility Pod

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