The Star Wars Toilet Sarlacc Puts An Alien In Your Toilet


As regular readers know, we’re suckers around here for anything Star Wars related. Lego sets, posters, thumb wrestling sets, Star Wars lightsaber we love it and we always want more of it. Although we admit that, at first, the idea of putting a Sarlacc in your toilet was something we had to think about.

Sarlacc Of Waste

The concept is incredibly simple: It’s a series of decals, that you can apply to any toilet, that allow you to turn it into a Sarlacc. The Sarlacc, of course, is the giant beast in the desert Jabba feeds people he doesn’t like to, essentially a gigantic sand monster that doesn’t move much. Why you’d use one as a toilet is unknown.

Star Wars, Even In The Bathroom

The kit does just come with some tentacles and teeth, though. There’s a little Han you can apply, complete with a Lando he’s trying to haul up. There’s a Boba Fett designed to be placed right at the outflow pipe, so you can visit even more indignities upon him since apparently the prequels weren’t enough. It even comes with Jabba’s yacht to put in the inside of the lid and two suns to apply to the bottom of the seat. It is essentially everything you need to create a nerdy, colorful diorama. Which you will then urinate on.

Peeing On Boba

toilet sarlacc

If you, too, want to make Boba Fett suffer, you’ll have to wait. The first run of the Toilet Sarlacc sold out surprisingly quickly for a goofy idea, and the designer is currently working with a printer to both run off more of the decals and to see what he can do about lowering the price. But even if that doesn’t come together, you have to admit: That’s $25 well spent, especially the first time your friends lift the lid.

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