The Taurus Curve, A Wavy Handgun, Fits Your Body

The history of firearms is, more or less, also the history of a few other disciplines. There’s always been a lot of money in firepower, and as a result, entire fields of materials science, precision engineering, and design wouldn’t exist without the gun. Consider it a peace dividend. But it does go to some rather odd places, as the Taurus Curve demonstrates.

Ergonomic Bang

Essentially, it’s a shaped handgun. As anybody who’s put one in a holster can tell you, wearing a gun on your person is an incredibly awkward thing. They’re essentially big, squared-off heavy objects hanging off your person, and it’s about as comfortable as it sounds.

The Curve is, well, curvy. It’s designed to fit against your hip, so you can supposedly keep it concealed more comfortably, possibly using the built-in belt clip to keep in on the inside of your pants. It’s not really until you look at it from the front that the full implications of this statement become clear:


Yeah. We were a little surprised when we saw that, too. The built-in laser sight and light are really just the icing on this particular cake.


If nothing else, the Curve is a pretty impressive feat of engineering; being able to not just operate as a .380 but handle well would be something of a coup for Taurus, a gun manufacturer that’s spent years shaking off a reputation for making “Saturday Night Specials.” On the other hand, one might ask why you might actually need a gun this concealable; seriously, how bad is your neighborhood that being visibly strapped is actually a problem? Still, if nothing else, it’s quite a feat of engineering, and of interest to gun fans.

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