The best home theater systems should all incorporate Star wars. How much do you love Star Wars? We don’t ask this as an idle question. Do you really love Star Wars? Do you love it enough to, oh, we don’t know, completely remodel a room in your house to resemble a spaceship from the franchise? Because this anonymous couple does, and in fact they went even further overboard than you might think. If your galaxy far far away is missing sound, take a look at our Scandyna Micropod SE Active speaker review too.

A Theater Far, Far Away

It starts with the designer. They didn’t get just any designer. Oh no, they got Doug Chiang, who you might remember was the lead designer for the first two Star Wars prequels and thus knows his way around an Imperial Destroyer. Chiang built the room to look just like a spaceship, but with, of course, all the home theater toys built into it.

No Lack Of Faith Here

With a high budget and the ability to do anything he wanted with the space, Chiang essentially completely rebuilt it, adding everything you could possibly need. There’s even a lobby designed to look just like the corridors from Star Wars, even to the point where you walk across raised platforms to get into the theater. Needless to say, among other goodies, there are framed Star Wars posters along the wall as you enter, just in case the general surroundings hadn’t perhaps given away the overall theme.

A Theater Fit For An Emperor


There have been other Star Wars themed home theaters, but we have to confess that this is the best one we’ve seen, right down to the perfect design and the unique fact that, well, they’re willing to have this whole thing built into their house in the first place. It may not be the ultimate goal of every nerd, but we have to admit, this theater has us incredibly jealous.