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The Stand Up Workstation Makes You Healthier And Happier

The Stand Up Workstation
The Stand up Workstation converts any desk to a standup desk.

As you’ve probably heard by now, sitting is not exactly great for you, that’s why we compiled a list of 10 of the best standing desks. While the idea of comparing it to smoking is just a wee bit overblown, it’s undeniably true that sitting for most of the day isn’t doing your health, your back, or anything else you might value any favors. So, for once, Hammacher Schlemmer has something useful for you, namely the andingand Up Workstation.

Is it one of the best stand up desks?

Standing Start

Why, might you ask, should I plop $200 for the Stand Up Workstation from Hammacher? Well, the short answer is, sitting all day slows down your metabolism and, beyond a certain point, will screw up your back, which is really meant to be straight more often than flexed. Sitting is probably not “the new smoking,” but it’s not great for you either, hence this workstation.

It’s actually a fairly simple device; plop it on your desk, use the pneumatic lever to adjust the height, and away you go. It solves the standing problem quite neatly, and if you need to sit down again, just lift it off your desk, set your computer down, and get back to work.

Stand In The Place Where You Work


Now, is standing for a few hours going to solve all your problems? Nah. But it can’t hurt, and being more active is always a good thing. Besides, if nothing else, it’ll give you something to do at work when you’re bored, or a useful way to elevate your computer for meetings.

Stil don’t believe us?  Check out our news and standing desk reviews.

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